7 Cities You Must Visit in China


This is Katie from Creative Travel Guide. We have lived in China now for 6 months and absolutely love it! The people are friendly and kind. The food is amazing and extensively varied. Most importantly, the sights are unique. In saying this, we thought we would share with you our favorite 7 cities. 7 amazing cities that you must visit in China.

1.) Beijing

Most tourists start at the capital city and with good reason. This city is home to the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the most amazing Peking Duck around. Beijing is the ideal place to fly into, it is also just a stones throw from the Great Wall of China.

2.) Harbin

If you visit during December to February, you can enjoy the biggest Ice Festival in China. Brace yourself for the minus 25 degrees though! You can also visit in the summer and experience the developing, growing city.

3.) Xi’an

Thousands of tourists visit Xi’an for the Terracotta Warriors, but look further than these ancient soldiers. Enjoy kebabs and Chinese burgers in the Muslim Street. Then head to Guangren Temple for a bit of history. Visit in the spring or autumn to avoid the heat and to enjoy a stroll around the city’s Ancient Wall.

4.) Guilin

Rice fields, beautiful hikes and limestone karst hill. Guilin is perfect for anyone who loves nature. Guilin is based in southern China so you can rely on fairly decent weather year round.

5.) Shanghai

The financial capital is a popular choice for many. With recent visa changes, it is now possible to spend up to 148 hours in Shanghai or Beijing without a visa. This makes it a perfect stopover choice.

6.) Qingdao

The birth place of the Tsingtao beer. Qingdao is located on the eastern side of china. This city offers beaches, parks and beer out of a bag.

7.) Shenzhen

One of the fastest growing cities in china and with links to Hong Kong. Shenzhen is a popular choice for visitors and expats. For those looking for lots of shopping and skyscrapers, Shenzhen is most definitely the place to be.

These are just my top 7 cities to visit in China, where would you love to go? We write about living and travelling in China over at Creative Travel Guide .

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