Cozumel, Mexico

When planning our second cruise, I knew I wanted to go somewhere we had never been before. Mexico was a destination on my bucket list, so why not go to Mexico right? I began researching cruises on Carnival Cruise Lines that went to Mexico at least once in the trip. I also wanted to leave from another part of Florida that I had not been to. In a matter of a few minutes, we were officially booked for our second cruise. We were going to cruise from Tampa, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands on the Carnival Paradise. Little did I know that a couple months before the cruise took off that we would not be going to Grand Cayman but we would be going to Costa Maya, Mexico. Our adventure began and we were on our way to Cozumel, Mexico. The trip started off a little rainy so I was worried it would rain the entire cruise. After a day at sea, we finally arrived to Cozumel.

Before arriving to Cozumel, Mexico I had planned and booked for my husband and I to do a stand up paddle board adventure. I had never done this activity but have wanted to try for awhile. I researched Cozumel and was amazed by its beauty on the internet through pictures. The pictures had shown beautiful blue beaches, a neat town full of shops and places to eat. I was really excited to see the town in person. I had a lot of friends tell me the place was amazing. When we arrived the ocean was a beautiful blue and the town looked really fun but it was super cloudy. I really thought it was going to rain, but it never did and for that I was super thankful. We walked around for a bit before we met our tour guide for our excursion. I was amazed how pretty and well kept the city was. When you get off the ship there is a long dock that you walk down to get to the city. There are places to relax by the ocean, shops, places to eat and get a drink. I knew I wanted to check out everything after we got back from our excursion.

We were then informed once we met our tour guide that due to weather we could not do the adventure. We signed up for an all inclusive beach escape instead. This was only a little bit more than our adventure that we had planned originally. We were then all taken to Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park about 15 minutes from where the dock is. When we arrived we were given direction as to where we could go, what we could do, what the park had to offer and where we should meet to go back to the cruise ship. My husband and I wandered around for awhile until we found a place to sit and relax. When we arrived it was rather cold due to the cloudy weather and the wind. We hung out around a pool and watched the dolphins swim around and do tricks, while we drank some of the free drinks they offered. We also went and watched a sea lion show, where I got kissed by a sea lion for my birthday.

The sea lion show was part of the excursion. The trainer had the sea lion so many different tricks included lip syncing a song. We had a blast watching the sea lions, after the show was over you had an opportunity to get your picture taken getting kissed by a sea lion. I am always up for adventure so I quickly said yes and stood in line. I have to say this was the highlight to my birthday. After the show was over the sun began to shine and we went and hung out by the pool. My husband and I were late for a tour that they offered, well actually we both forgot about the tour. We then decided to tour the grounds on our own and found a lot of different statues in a garden area. The garden area was amazing and had well over 100 different statues. We missed the tequila part of it and went back to the beach to hangout. We went and bought a shirt (it’s what I collect everywhere I go) and then went back to relax in the sun. Our tour guides found us and told us we needed to head back.

We all loaded back up on the bus and headed back to the main part of Cozumel. The sun was finally shining and I was so sad to leave the adventure park. Once we got back to the main part, my husband and I went around and looked in the different stores. We also found statues all over the main part of Cozumel that were so neat and colorful. We sat by the ocean and relaxed till it was about 30 minutes before we had to be on the ship per the cruise ship rules. I had throughly enjoyed my time at Cozumel, Mexico and would love to go back to see more. If you are ever on a ship that goes to Cozumel, I highly suggest it. The cruise port is one of my favorite ports that we ever went to. Once the sun cleared up, the whole atmosphere changed.

Stay tuned on Tuesday to learn about what to pack for a cruise and some other insider tips I learned about cruising. Next week I will also be bringing back the hometown series. I have a couple guest bloggers, an interview and my second town I currently live in for the series. See you soon!



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  1. Good travel destination….thanks for sharing !!

    1. Thank you, it really is! You are welcome, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Never been on a cruise before as we’ve always spent time in one country when away, but after reading this, its something I defo consider doing more of!

    1. I definitely love getting a taste of the island but I would love to spend more time on particular islands. There’s some I would love to go back to and others I wouldn’t. But I hope you go on one sometime, they are very relaxing!

  3. From your vivid description and the pictures it can be easily guessed that your Cozumel, Mexico tour was amazing and full of much fun and frolic..Thank you sharing your experience..😊

    1. It definitely was! I very much so enjoyed spending my birthday there. Great way to become an age older. You are welcome, thank you for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

  4. Cozumel is amazing! I went there years ago and had such a wonderful time.

    1. It truly is! I was amazing at how beautiful it was. I would definitely go back.

  5. Cozumel sounds like a great place to visit. So glad it didn’t rain on you!

    1. I am so glad it did not as well. But rain couldn’t ruin the great time I was having there. It really is a great place to visit, hope you get to go sometime.

  6. This looks like a fantastic holiday – you got to see so many places! The photo’s look gorgeous too. I’d love to visit these locations one day.

    1. It really was a wonderful vacation! I hope you get to go here one day. Thank you for the wonderful feedback. I really appreciate it.

  7. This looks like an amazing place to see. How fun you got to go for your birthday!

    1. It really is a beautiful place to go see! I go somewhere new every year for my birthday. I feel I work all year and deserve my one day to celebrate myself. But thank you so much!

  8. Mexico es Hermoso!! This country is so full of colors and a beautiful culture

    1. It definitely is! I’m amazed each place I go in Mexico. I would love to see more and go on the west side of Mexico.

  9. Mexico is one of my favourite places to visit so I would love to go to Cozumel. It’s such a gorgeous country with so much history and culture.

    1. Mexico definitely is a beautiful country. I would love to see the opposite side of Mexico. Where’s you favorite place you have been in Mexico? It definitely is very rich in history and culture. Thank you so much for the great feedback.

  10. Cozumel is so beautiful! I have always wanted to take a cruise here.

    1. I definitely agree with that. I hope you get to take a cruise there sometime. 😊

  11. What an amazing day! After reading your post I absolutely dying to go to Mexico!

    1. Mexico is amazing! I definitely recommend it for the beautiful views and so much to do. I’ve only been to costa maya and Cozumel, but I would love to go back and go to Cancun.

  12. Wow, what a beautiful place. I absolutely love the vibe and al the activities you did.

    1. Thank you, it really is an amazing place! I definitely recommend it. I loved the activities there, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

  13. I have heard so much about Cozumel. It has been on my list for a while … your post just convinced me to look into it for 2018. Great photography there, btw! 🙂


    1. It’s so pretty there, definitely a wonderful place to go! I hope you get to go one day, hopefully in 2018! Thank you very much, I really appreciate your kind words.

  14. Never been, but looks amazing!! Would love to add it to my bucket list to get there one day!

    1. It truly was amazing! I was blown away by how beautiful it is there. I hope you get to go one day. 😊

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