The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care

Have you ever wore yourself out so much that you could not keep going or had a hard time controlling your emotions? I have been there many times, mostly when I am overdoing myself with life or when I have not taken a moment for myself. We all get caught up in life and put others before us in our every day lives. From work, the relationships, to kids, to animals, to bills and anything else that exists in our lives they can take a lot out of you. This is where self care comes into play.

I went to school to get my Master’s degree in social work and they hounded us day in and day out about how important self care is. It was not till I started practicing social work that I understood the importance of self care. I was working full time (38 hours a week), going to school full time (15 credit hours) and doing practicum full time (24 hours) a week and somehow managing to keep a new marriage afloat. Then bring along a brand new puppy and a grandmother dying. I could not possibly handle anymore stress or life on top of that.

One day I dropped a plate of spaghetti on my apartment floor and officially had a breakdown. I had tears streaming down my face, I couldn’t breathe and all because of the silly spaghetti hitting the floor. This was my rock bottom for not taking care of myself. I knew something had to change and I had to start taking time for me. I rearranged my schedules so that I would have one whole day off by myself. This would allow me to have time to unwind and be by myself. This would be my “me” time.

Self care is important because we need time to unwind, be ourselves and have time to just simply live. Self care also prevents burn out, which means that you have pushed yourself so hard and you eventually just give up. Which none of us ever want that to happen, especially in our jobs and daily lives. Therefore we must all practice self care, carve time out for it in your busy schedule or make a day of it. Below I will give you 20 different ideas for ways you can do self care.

My Top 20 Ideas for Self Care:

1.) Watch tv or a movie

There are so many new ways to watch tv or movies. Even if it’s just an hour to catch up on your favorite tv show, this is a great way to do self care.

2.) Go on a trip

There are many different places to explore in this world. You can take a weekend trip to full trip. This is personally my favorite form of self care.

3.) Go get a massage

Massages have healing powers for not only your physical body but it has been proven to improve brain function.

4.) Go get a manicure or pedicure

This is a relaxing way to take care of you. If you have never had one, I highly suggest both. As someone who doesn’t like people touching their feet, I will put that aside to have a pedicure done any day.

5.) Sit outside

One of my favorite ways to unwind is to sit outside. Nature changes my mood and makes me 100% more happy, especially when the sun is out.

6.) Read a book

Reading a book allows you to focus on the words on pages and someone else’s story.

7.) Go for a walk or workout

8.) Go dancing

9.) Go to dinner

Splurging on your favorite meal or favorite place to eat is always a special treat in my book.

10.) Have an “adult” drink or go out for one

11.) Do something creative

You do not have to be good at art to do something creative. You can draw, write, paint and so much more. This helps me to focus on something right in front of me and de-stress me at the same time.

12.) Go for a drive

The drive does not have to be long but just driving down the highway jamming to my favorite song helps me to get out of my head. This also helps me to relax and focus on the road.

13.) Listen to the radio or music

Music and the radio get me out of my head. Whether I am singing to the top of my lungs or dancing my heart out I am simply out of my head even if it’s just for the few short minutes the song is playing.

14.) Hangout with your pet

I am a true pet lover because I feel they make my life better. If you do not have a pet, I highly suggest getting one. My personal favorite are dogs because they are loyal and very loving.

15.) Play your favorite sport

Playing a sport does not have to end in high school. There are adult teams out there, they are helpful to meet new people and to continue playing a sport you love.

16.) Spend time with family and friends

Many people choose to spend time with family and friends. If you are an introvert like me, I need my alone time. If you are an extrovert, alone time is the worst thing.

17.) Take a hot shower or bath

Many of us do not have the time to take a hot shower or bath as we are running from this to that. Taking a few short minutes to take a hot bath is a great way to relax and unwind for some me time.

18.) Bake or Cook

I prefer to bake than cook because I love sweets, as they are an important food group (haha). This is a wonderful way to focus on something even if it is not only for you.

19.) Scroll through social media

Taking the time to look through social media can be a way to de-stress and focus on other things.

20.) Go shopping

I have always heard shopping is therapeutic and it gives you a reason to splurge on yourself.

As you can see there are many different ideas for self care that you can partake in. Some do not have to cost a thing, others may cost some money. Self care does not have to be expensive, but sometimes it is nice to splurge on yourself to remind yourself of how important you actually are. Remember that it is not bad to take time for yourself, I had professors remind me of that each and every day in school. It will forever be a phrase that I remember for the rest of my life. Since I have been partaking in self care my life has felt so much more rich, happy and fulfilling. What is your way to have your “me” time? Let me know.

Stay tuned this week for a post on how to plan a cruise and Grand Turk, Turk and Caicos. I hope you have enjoyed this segment on self care. See you soon.



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  1. I agree that self care is so important, especially with how rampant mental illness is lately. Everyone could stand to take better care of themselves.

    1. I definitely wholeheartedly agree with your statement. Sometimes I wonder if because our lives have become more crazy and hectic if that is why we are having more mental health issues.

  2. It’s really a ‘wake up’ post for me… Sometimes we just too busy to care for ourselves, which is so important..

    1. I am glad it did that for you. I used to be so busy I never took care of myself but it’s really more important than people think. Make sure to take some you time, you deserve it! 😊

  3. You are so right, if we don’t do something for us, if we don’t take time off the relax we do end up having breakdowns and feelings that we are unable to cope with the stress anymore. We should always seek for balance in life and not just work, work, and more work.

    1. I definitely agree with all of your words. I believe it is 100% important to seek balance in life or one day we will give up. Life should be fun and be lived not just spent working all day every day. Take some time for you, we all deserve a break. 🙂

  4. I just wrote a blog on this very subject last week! I agree that self-care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. My go-tos are pedicures and hot bubble baths! I also love to color! And as a side note, I’m a social work major too!

    1. That’s amazing, it truly is an important subject to talk about. I love pedicures and hot showers. Coloring is my favorite! That’s amazing that you are a social work major too! It’s nice to see others who love to do the work! 💙😊

  5. this is so true – i set out in 2017 as my theme for the year to be self-care. i needed to show myself more love and not be so stressed out all the time. it is a daily battle but i feel that i have improved over the year and it has helped me show more love to people as well!

    1. It definitely is a daily battle and I completely understand. I think everyone deserves some self love. That’s great that you have improved, it takes patience and work at doing self care. 😊

  6. Self care has been on my mind all of 2017. I actually do something for myself daily. It is like an instant daily mood. Reading books is the easiest thing and my second fav. is getting manicures. 🙂


    1. I definitely second that! What has been your favorite read so far? I love reading. Manicures are amazing! I definitely agree with you on that.

  7. Getting a mani pedi is my most favorite thing to do for self care. Actually I lied! Massages are up there too.

    1. It’s so hard to choose one is the best! I will definitely agree those are all great! I never thought I would love massages but they sure do leave me feeling so much better.

  8. I would add take a nap to the list. lol. Shutting everything off and shutting down for an hour can be so rejuvenating. I love to just shut off at least once per weekend and recoup a little

    1. Why didn’t I think of a nap? Oh my goodness that’s my favorite thing in the world, naps are wonderful. Why did we fight them as a kid? I definitely agree with shutting everything off. I have to or I get very overwhelmed. Great answer! 😊

  9. I sometimes feel writing a blog post helps me when I need a little self-love. It’s almost like writing a journal, but it forces me to be more objective since it’s public.

    1. I definitely feel that way too. Especially when I did a series on anxiety. It helped me to see how I really see the world but in public view! Great view point!

  10. Me time is sooooo important, especially now when everything seems to be such a mad rush. I think my favorite me time would probably be gardening. I don’t care if it’s planting, pruning our pulling out weeds, there’s just something about it that brings me be back down to earth and restores my inner balance

    1. That is a great self care tool. I wish I had a green thumb and that would have been on the list.

  11. This is a wonderful list! I use a lot of these tactics when I need to unwind. I also like going for drive. Just get in the car and go. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much. You are welcome for sharing! Going for a drive is great, well except when gas prices are crazy high. But I would still do it for me time. 😊

  12. for me a good workout always seems to do the trick! It’s all about relaxing and getting rid of any bad energy surrounding me. And of course, shopping is always a good idea, isn’t it? 😉

    1. I need to get better at working out. I definitely agree with getting rid of any bad energy around you. Shopping if heard is always a great idea haha.

  13. Great post and reminder! I regularly try and practice self care, including just lighting candles and getting into bed early to relax and enjoy the peace!

    1. I love your idea of lighting candles! I did not think of that or getting into bed early. Those are great ideas for self care! Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Best wishes to you on your journey. I worry about the normalization of ‘adult drink’ as a coping strategy and self-care. I see too many suffering from addiction and abuse and not recognizing it.

    1. Thank you, same to you. I do agree with the normalization of an adult drink. I personally do not drink that often but a good glass of wine like once a month is great. I hate to see others suffer from addiction and abuse and think it is just a normal part of life.

  15. Such basic and simple tips that seem to be forgotten or taken for granted, I know That I love being able to just stand under a hot shower, or have an adult drink with some girlfriends.

    1. Those are both definitely great self care ideas. I definitely used to take them for granted until I discovered self care is super important! It’s a trait I lost after high school.

  16. Having a self care is so important to all of use. We need to spend time with ourselves, we need to taking care of it. I do really love to spend more time in myself due to stress and overload work.

    1. This is definitely so true! Self care is definitely important especially when you are stressed and overloaded in work!

  17. These are some great suggestions! I am trying to integrate more self care tasks into my daily routine by making some changes in other areas of my life. I am looking forward to the outcome!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely take more time for yourself, we all deserve some “me” time! 😊

  18. Great advice and I love each one you’ve listed. Self care is important to good mental health – I always learnt from therapy that exercise was a really key way to take care of yourself. I think all of the things I do you’ve listed. Walk and nature…I don’t think I ever get home and regretted the choice to go for a walk.

    1. Thank you so much. Exercise really is a great source, I just need to get better at implementing it into my life. Walls are great for clearing the head as well.

  19. Self care is definitely important. This is a great list. Love the sitting outside one. I guess right now I’m taking time to eat lunch and watch a short show on Netflix. Sometimes I bleed over into another episode. I wish I had the money right now to go get a massage or pedicure. Some day!

    1. Thank you. I love sitting outside when it is warm. What show are you currently watching? Always looking for ideas! I splurge to get either a massage or pedicure every once in awhile. 😊

  20. Now that I’m exhausted, I wish I could have some time to dedicate to self care. A trip sounds sooo good!

    1. You should definitely take one sometime! I’m sure you deserve it! 😊

  21. Self-care is SO important! While it’s something I partake in, I’m working on regularly taking an hour a day to practice self-care, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

    1. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds, sometimes it is really difficult to take the time out your body needs as life keeps us so busy. I definitely understand having to work at it.

  22. Yes these are some great tips! It’s really important to take time for yourself to mend yourself!

    1. Thank you so much! It definitely is important to take time for yourself! I enjoy some me time.

  23. I have been working a lot lately, it has been mental and I can tell my body is protesting as I had a huge migraine yesterday so I get why self care is important and why I should do it more often!

    1. Oh no! Migraines are awful! You should definitely take some down time if your body is resisting! Always listen to your body. Hope you feel better!

  24. This is so useful, it’s so important to remember self-care. Retail therapy always helps.

    1. Thank you! It definitely is important to remember about self care. I love retail therapy from time to time. 😊

  25. I won’t exactly encourage shopping as some people might have the tendency to overbuy or buy what they don’t need. But watching movie is a good destress method, same for a massage, or a shower!

    1. It’s all about self control. As I said in there it’s good to splurge on yourself every once in awhile. 😊

  26. How I relate to this so much! I just finished school for my BSW and I couldn’t tell you how many times my professor pounded self care in my brain! Now that I’m working as a social worker I can see why! I love your list of suggestions!

    1. Thank you so much! Congrats on getting your BSW! Such a grey accomplishment as I have mine. Do you think you will go back to get your MSW? Self care is definitely very important in the social work world. Burn out is rapid!

  27. Self care is so important! I always to find time to take time for myself! Self care can mean a lot of things! Getting rid of a toxic relationship, quitting a job that stresses you out, etc.

    1. This is all very true! I’m glad that you find time to take for yourself! That is definitely great for your life. 😊

  28. Self-care is definitely not being selfish. It is taking good care of ourselves because no body will ever will. It is our mortal obligation to ourselves. These are such awesome list on how to take good care to ourselves.

    1. I definitely agree with everything you said. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback! 😊🙏🏽

  29. Self care is so important. I always find ways to give my self more time. Getting a mani pedi is so fulfilling after the tedious and stressful work.

    1. That’s great that you find time to give back to yourself, it’s very important! A mani pedi sounds so nice right now.

  30. My favourite self care activity is a long foot soak! It means that I can also do something else with my me time like crochet or read a book. Your list is long and lovely so I will select a few other ideas for next time.

    1. Oooo that sounds amazing right about now. I never learned to crochet, is it easy to learn? Thank you very much. I appreciate your positive feedback! 😊🙏🏽

  31. Omg I absolutely love this. Thank you for reminding us how important self care and self love is in order to carry out a happy and fulfilling life. Thank you ❤️

    1. You are welcome! I believe it’s important to have self care even if it is once a week. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. 😊

  32. I have learned the importance of self care. I make sure that I take walks on a regular basis just to clear my mine.

    1. It’s definitely something that has to be learned and practiced on a daily basis. Taking walks is a perfect way to self care.

  33. I think we (women) are the worst at not taking time for our own self-care. It is so important for us to refresh and recharge so we can be at our very best!

    1. I definitely agree that women are the worst at not taking time for ourselves, we are always busy worrying about others. We don’t stop to think of ourselves. It is very important for us so we can be our very best. I definitely agree.

  34. Beautiful post. Self care is so crucial to being a better person, and just simply to maintain some semblance of balance in your life. I typically opt for #2 on your list of suggestions… The past couple of years, I’ve booked 4 impromptu trips to places I felt suddenly inclined to travel to, as a method of dealing with stress and depression. It’s actually helped me so much! <3

    1. Same here! Traveling helps me so much with my anxiety and spouts of depression. I am amazed at how much an impromptu trip truly helps! Thank you for sharing your experience and how you self care!

  35. Couldn’t agree more!! #17 is honestly my favorite go to haha can’t beat that

    1. You definitely can’t right! Haha. Thank you! 😊

  36. Yes to this post! It is so important to take time for yourself. Your post is awesome.

    1. Thank you so much. I definitely think it is very important! 🙏🏽

  37. Self care is so important to take the time for ourselves so we can better care for others….

    1. I definitely believe what you said whole heartedly! It’s definitely very important.

  38. I can really appreciate self care during the holidays. It seems most of what I do is for everyone else but me during this busy season! I love the motivation to just relax a bit; I’m wanting to sit by the fire with my pooch and read something calming 🙂

    1. Yes! During the holidays it’s very important as life seems to get hectic and busy during this time. Sitting by a fire is amazing, especially with your dog by your side! Thank you for sharing!

  39. Self care is essential and it should be the top priority for each indivdual. All good points here.

    1. I definitely believe it should as well! Thank you very much! I appreciate the positive feedback. 😊

  40. I’m a big advocate of self care, it’s so easy to get burned out! Always telling my mom she needs to take some time for herself 🙂

    1. It definitely is easy to get burned out. Moms never seem to take time for themselves as they are always busy taking care of others! I hope she eventually does take some time for herself. 😊

  41. These are all wonderful ideas for self care. My fave is taking a shower. There’s something really cleansing about washing off negative energy to start anew. Blessings and thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much! The shower is one of my favorites for the reason you listed! It makes me feel renewed and it’s a great way to end my day on a positive note! Blessings to you and you are welcome!

  42. This is an excellent guide for self care. I have found that doing something creative or going for shopping makes me really happy.

    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate the positive feedback. Thank you for sharing what you love to do for self care, those are both really great!

  43. Beginning regular practice of self care can be life changing.

    1. It definitely can! I definitely agree whole heartedly about that.

  44. Great guide. For me when I need to distress I grab a book or I go outside to be with nature. Sometimes I just put on some music and the stress goes away.

    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate that. I love all the things you listed, thank you for sharing!

  45. I’m a social worker, too, and self care is tough! I just became a supervisor so it’s even more important. I love, love, love reading and going outside, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

    1. That’s amazing! It is always nice to meet other feel social workers. Self care is tough, it is definitely something that needs to be learned and practiced. Congrats on the supervisor position, I bet self care is even more important now than ever. Going outside is my favorite! Thank you for sharing and for the positive feedback!

  46. These self care ideas are great! People do not realize that some of the simplest things can really make a positive impact.

    1. Thank you very much! I do not think they do either which is why I think self care has to be learned and practiced. 😊

  47. What a great post and so well articulated. Self care is so important. Some of my ways to practice self care are listening music, dancing, reading a good book, cooking, spending time with family and friends etc.

    1. I love all the ways you do self care, I definitely whole heartedly believe it is important to do self care and take time for yourself. I’m glad to hear you practice self care! 😊

  48. You are so right about this. People spend a lot of time with work, etc. and don’t even go on holidays…

    1. They definitely do, I can’t imagine not taking my vacation time. Relaxation time is much deserved and definitely important for your physical and mental health.

  49. I love all the ideas you share! I need to make self care more of a priority and I think I’ll try to do a few of these every month in 2018. 🙂

    1. Thank you! You should try to definitely make self care a goal for 2018. I still can’t believe 2018 is already upon us, where did the year go?

  50. Absolutely true words. To me self care or self love is the first kind before you can be able to care for others. Thanks for the useful tips and for me, I add listening to your own kind of music. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is definitely very true! I love music, thank you for sharing yours! I am glad to hear you partake in self care. You are welcome for sharing, I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  51. We live in a hectic world where we run here and there and to no time for ourselves. These are lovely and well thought out points. Mostly for me, i watch movies, hang out and read books too.

    1. We definitely do, we need to learn to slow down again. Thank you so much for the positive feedback, those are wonderful ways to do self care!

  52. Going on a trip…. even if by yourself is so relaxing & definitely self care.

    1. That is definitely true! I believe it’s my favorite way to do self care, especially on cruises because your phone does not work and I am able to disconnect and relax.

  53. Self care is so important. You cant give of yourself if you have nothing left to give. For me reading and painting are how I get my self care in.

    1. It definitely is! I try to get self care in everyday! I love your ideas for your self care, thank you for sharing!

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