Awesome, Appealing Arizona

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Arizona? I think of the Grand Canyon, dry conditions, desert land and sunshine. If you thought of any of the listed above things, you are definitely on the right track to knowing about Arizona. My mother has always loved southwest items, as her entire house is decorated in it. Therefore, I decided that one of our bi-yearly trips needed to be to the southwest of the United States. Arizona was our first of many different stops, a road trip I will discuss in a later blog post. As we flew into Phoenix, Arizona I was in for a shock when the ground below was completely brown and covered with a soil called caliche and sand. I come from Kansas where most everything is green, so this was a huge shock to me. I will tell you my five top places I went in Arizona and give you some insight to those five places.

Top 5 destinations to go to in Arizona:

1.) Four Corners Monument

Have you heard of where you could stand in four states at once? This is the location where you can stand in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado all in the same time. This monument is where all four states meet. Many Native American people have the items that they make by hand on display for you to look at. I bought a dream catcher and a T-shirt both made and designed by hand. This items are high quality items that you can cherish forever. You can look at these items before or after you are done capturing your moment standing on the monument in all four states at once. This place does get packed at time, so I suggest going early. You will have to stand in a line to wait to take a picture, but this place is very worth waiting to take a picture and to see.

2.) Grand Canyon

My mother and I planned to go to the Grand Canyon while in Arizona. Did you know that there are many different locations of the Grand Canyon to visit? I certainly did not until I did my research, many people recommended different parts of the rim. I finally decided to do the Skywalk part, which is located in the West Rim. When we arrived to the place where the Skywalk was located I was filled with excitement to finally see the Grand Canyon after all these years. When we arrived at the counter to purchase tickets, they wanted 80 dollars for one, so 160 for both plus tax on top of that. My mother and I decided against it, as it was way too expensive just to walk out on a glass rim. I was broken hearted as I had drove all this way to see the Grand Canyon. Be prepared for steep prices if you go to this part of the Grand Canyon. We walked around and caught views around the area of the Grand Canyon. I definitely want to go back and see more of the Grand Canyons spectacular views!

3.) Hole In The Rock

Funny name right? Well it is exactly as it states a hole in the rock. This rock is a natural geological formation in a park called Papago Park which I will discuss later. This formation is a hike, plus some climbing so bring your tennis shoes or climbing shoes. See the wonderful views from the hole in the rock. I highly suggest not wearing flip flops as I about broke my ankle, but you live and you learn right? The hole in the rock in an amazing sight to see, as well as provides wonderful views from the hole.

4.) Shake Shack

In the a movie, I saw the Shake Shack as a place they were eating at. I decided to look it up and research it. Little did I know that they had a location in Phoenix, Arizona. For my birthday dinner, my mom and I went to the Shake Shack. This would start my love for Shake Shack, a place I go to every time I am in a location where it exists. This place is very inexpensive but very tasty and good! This place is definitely too good to pass up if you are ever in a location where this hamburger chain is located.

5.) Papago Park

Papago park is located in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. The park includes Hunt’s Tomb which is a really neat sight to see. The tomb is located on park grounds and is in the shape of a pyramid. This park has a lot to offer from places to walk, places to hike, places to see and much more. I enjoyed the stroll along the small lakes. There is also a zoo and botanical garden on the premises. This park is one you cannot miss out on when you go to Arizona.

As you can see, Arizona is a wonderful and beautiful place to visit with a lot of different things to do, see and eat. If you have never been, I highly suggest going and seeing what you has to offer. The airport is very easy to navigate and the staff is very friendly and easy to deal with. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the state of Arizona. My mom and I went in March and the weather was perfect. I would definitely go back in a heartbeat to explore more of Arizona.

Since next week in the USA is a holiday called Thanksgiving, I am doing a blog series on hometowns. This series will start tomorrow and run through Saturday of next week. I will not post on Thursday of next week, as that is Thanksgiving and I will be spending the day with family in my husbands hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. I have several different guest bloggers lined up for this series so you will want to stay tuned!

See you tomorrow!



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  1. It’s a beautiful place to visit…but I hated living there. Was way too hot for way too many days. I loved visiting the Grand Canyon though! The Strawberry Mountains are beautiful too.

    1. Yeah I don’t think I could handle the super hot summers. Definitely a beautiful place to go! If I ever go back I will have to go to the Strawberry Mountains.

  2. Arizona has so much to offer. We been to Grand Canyon a year ago and it was magnificent. Each corner is so wonderful.

    1. I definitely want to go back and see more. What I did see was beautiful! 😍

  3. You are right when I think of Arizona I just think of the Grand Canyon but I actually love the look of the Papago Park it looks like a great place to explore

    1. Grand Canyon was the only thing I could think of. But Papago Park was beautiful! You should definitely go if you ever go back or go to Arizona. The hole in the rock was fun to climb.

  4. Interestingly I have just a few minutes ago read a post on the 4 corners monument. Being from England there are certain things like the Grand Canyon and the hole in the rock that I’ve heard of before but the four corners was something I hadn’t. Popago Park is another I hadn’t heard of but will add to my list for when I do visit.

    1. Oh really? The four corners monument is really neat. I like to include places not many do not know about. I did not hear of Papago Park until I got lost and found it. Makes for the best places sometimes. I definitely recommend it all whenever you do go to Arizona. I need to go to England. I would love to see a lot of different things over there.

  5. It is so dry and brown but I guess that precisely is it’s beauty!!

    I love your images and write up as well!.

    ~ Nerdy Adventuress ~

    1. Thank you so much! I think the dryness and brown is it’s beauty because I have actually never seen that. Everywhere else I have ever been has grass and greenery.
      Cheers! 😊

  6. Arizona is one of the places listed in my bucket list. Would definitely visit all the attraction sites you mentioned above when we get the chance to visit this side of the world in the future. Thank you for this list. 🙂

    Liz Gen

    1. It is amazing! I was completely is shock at how different is. I hope you guys do get the chance to visit this side of the world. 😊

  7. I was lucky enough to do a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon a few years ago – absolutely incredible!

    1. I am definitely wanting to do that! I bet you got some very awesome views from that. I would love to do that and find the blue river that runs through it. I need to go back ASAP! I’m so glad you got to do that.

  8. Arizona looks insane, and yeah sunshine and dessert is exactly what I think of! Hole in the rock has been on my bucket list for so long, it looks amazing! Great post 🙂

    1. It’s definitely different and beautiful! Hole in the rock was so fun! Definitely don’t wear flip flops. I came unprepared for it because I wasn’t actually looking for it and just stumbled upon it. Thank you so much.

  9. Loved seeing a different side to Arizona – the state has so much to offer! Beautiful and unique landscapes, with a rich culture 🙂

    1. It’s always nice to see things other than the usual every day places tourists go. 😊 Arizona definitely does have a lot to offer. I enjoyed it! Thank you!

  10. Hi Ariel,

    I enjoyed Arizona also very much but I only had unfortunately a few days to visit the area. Have to back there again. Have you been to Europe?

    We just did a tour to Sardinia, which we really can recommend. 100 % nice beaches in every bay. You may read our post here :

    Best regards from Germany,


    1. I definitely would love to go back to Arizona. I actually haven’t been to Europe yet, it is on my list. I will definitely check your post out to learn more about it.

      Cheers! Thank you! 🙏🏽

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