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While reading this story I was blown away that someone could change so much while traveling. As I have said many times before in my previous posts, traveling changes people before, during and after the travels. I was so thankful for Terra sharing her story, as I do not know what it is like to be an extrovert. Read her story below.GUEST POST:

Truthfully, I’ve never really known if I was an introvert or extrovert. I like reading books and spending time alone. But, I also love having friends, and doing things with others. I don’t get overwhelmed with lots of people, but I sometimes just want to be left alone. Therefore, I consider myself both an introvert and extrovert. Except when I travel. Then I change. I become the most extroverted extrovert you’ll ever know.
I don’t know what it is about travel, you think I would be used to it by now. But no. Despite living in 6 different countries and traveling around in between, I somehow manage to become a lot more social. There is just something about being in a new place. No one knows me. No one expects anything of me. It’s like a blank canvas. A chance to start fresh. Which somehow always leads to people. Talking to strangers. Waving. Smiling. Saying hello to everyone I see. Even if I don’t speak the language.
Travel sets me free. Provides me with adventure. Opens my eyes, my heart and my personality. I get to see parts of myself that don’t often come out, in the mundane day to day life. Travel gives me the energy and confidence to talk to strangers. People. Tourists. Locals. Doesn’t matter who, I talk with them. I purposely interact with people that are different in language, lifestyle, looks, experience. Without talking to others, I wouldn’t learn the culture, meet others, or be as immersed as I like to be. Therefore, I take it. I use travel as an opportunity to be more extroverted. Show my true colors. And soak up as much as I can about the people, and the place. Observing, and watching provides some insight and depth to my travels, but not like interacting with others.

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I am so thankful for Terra sharing her story, thank you again Terra. I hope you enjoyed this series. If you haven’t read the entire series yet, don’t forget to read the other two parts to this series! Next week I will showcase accepting the Bloggers Recognition Award and tell you guys all about Colorado. Stayed tuned and see you guys soon!



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