Creative, Captivating California

Creative, Captivating California What is the first thing you think of when someone says California? I think of beaches, mountains, sun, movie stars, exercise and pop stars. While I say these things, California has been on of the most captivating states I have ever been to. I have been there 2 different times and would still go back time and time again. Both time I have been in March, both different years and with different people. My husband prefers to relax and explore a little, while my mom is always willing to up and go to whatever I plan. While I have only been to the San Diego area both times, I have still loved every bit of both trips. Below I will list my top 5 favorite places I have been to in San Diego, California. I have many more places I wish to go in California. One day I will go back and explore all or most of California.

TOP 5 things to do in California (San Diego Area):
1.) Moonlight Beach
When I went to California the second time around, I instantly fell in love with Moonlight Beach. The beach is located in Encinitas, California. This beach captured my attention by the rocks and pebbles placed all up and down this stretch of beach. The sound of the water hitting the rocks and then bringing them back towards the shore is forever stuck in my mind. This sound was mesmerizing to say the least, especially when the sun was setting. My mom and I went here in March, the weather was warm but not warm enough for me to take a swim. I did enjoy relaxing on the beach and watching the ocean for hours upon hours though.

2.) USS Midway 
During the first time in California, my husband and I decided to go the USS Midway. I had never been on any type of ship like this before. Little did I know, this would start my want to go to all of the ships in the cities I go to. The USS Midway is a retired aircraft carrier ship. While on the ship, there were tons of volunteers who were very knowledgeable about everything from the ship to the different wars. The tour took about 2 to 3 hours. There were a lot of tight spaces to walk through and ladders to climb. I was not prepared for this at all, but I made it through without being scared (did I mention I’m sometimes afraid of heights?). Right outside the ship is the controversial statue of the sailor kissing the nurse. The statue is very tall, so it would be hard to miss.

3.) Carlsbad 
Carlsbad easily turned into one of my favorite places to go to. This town is located outside of San Diego. While most beaches do not easily accessible bathrooms, there is a restroom located right at the bottom of the main path to get down to the beach. My mom said that was her favorite beach because of the easily accessible restroom. Carlsbad has a variety of different places to eat, shops to go to and activities to do while in the town. My personal favorite place to stay in Carlsbad is the Best Western Plus Beach View Lodge. The staff there was friendly, it was reasonably priced, hotel was well kept and it was hard to pass up the view. The hotel was also located close to all the shopping and restaurants, especially my favorite Board and Brew which I will touch on later.

4.) Watch the sunset
The sunsets are breathtakingly beautiful in California. I honestly swear they are different all over and you get different vibes from each. Each time I was in California, the one thing I always wanted to do in the evening was to watch the sunset by the ocean. Sometimes I would have to walk at least a mile, other times I would just have to walk out on the hotel room deck to catch the scenery. When I went with my mom, the locals started recognizing us and told us how amazing it was the watch the sunset behind their house by the ocean time and time again. Let me tell you if I was able to do that every day, my life would feel complete.

5.) Board n Brew Restaurant (Carlsbad) 
Anyone of my close friends or family could tell you that I always seem to choose my regulars. This restaurant started my adventure in tasting different and local places whenever I did travel. Their food was to die for and super tasty. For a special treat, get their chocolate chip cookies. My husband and I went back time and time again, sometimes just for the cookies because they were so good. When I went back the second time, I told my mom we had to go. She instantly fell in love with the restaurant and to this day I still crave it from time to time. Especially now when I’m thinking about it, if anyone goes send me some will you?

All of the pictures above are from the second time I went, due to a computer crash making me lose all of my first set of California pictures. California is a beautiful place to go, although it is one of the more expensive places in the US that I have been to; I would go back time and time again. The plant shown above is called Birds of Paradise. The plant is even more beautiful in person. If you find yourself in California, watch the sunset I promise you will not regret it. You will see that the California sunset by the ocean is unlike any other. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the wildfires in California.

Stay tuned to learn about accepting the bloggers recognition award and how I get over my depression after coming back from a vacation.


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  1. I haven’t heard of Carlsbad before but it sounds like a destination I’d enjoy.

    1. I did not either until I researched places to stay around San Diego. It’s cheaper to stay in Carlsbad or around there, rather than stay in San Diego itself. I personally enjoy staying in the smaller towns and visiting the bigger towns during the day. 😊

  2. Oooooh Cali has my heart! I’m from LA and just love southern Cali. Carlsbad is one of my favorite places near San Diego. Great list 🙂

    1. Thank you! Carlsbad really is beautiful. I need to make it to LA sometime. I’ve heard it’s amazing there but quite busy.

  3. I have never been to California, but love to go. I hope I will one day. Great article!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely go, it’s definitely beautiful. Made me realize why everyone wants to live there. Haha.

  4. I’ve not been to the US but have heard from my friends who had been there or staying there. This post is like a list of places that I’ve covered in one of my posts on my blog. Liked the post and would love to read more about it. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You are welcome! Thank you for reading. You should come to the US sometime, it is beautiful. 😊 I will check out some of your blog!

      1. Yes I’ll visit the US… There are few of friends n relatives staying there. Hope to make it sometime 😊

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