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Guest Post from Anonymous
I recently put up a status on my Facebook page profile looking for guest writers. When this writer contacted me and asked to help, I was thrilled. Then when she sent me the post below I was floored. Their story pulled at my heart string, I had to sit to read the post. This reminded me that there is always others out there that experience what you experience even if they do not share it with you. I sympathize with this story, I loved this story. I hope you will get the feels like I did with this story.Mental health is always important. But especially when you’re on the road. Travel can be exhausting, away from your normal routine, and support network. I know my body well enough to know when it needs rest, or some time away from others.

There’s one story that stands out from my travels. I was in Pai, in north Thailand, and was in a hostel full of strangers. I woke up in the morning to a message telling me I had lost a family member. I lay in bed, on my top bunk, trying to keep it together. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alone in my life.
Everyone was still asleep, so I crept outside, armed with sunglasses, and tried to hide the tears as they streamed down my face. I managed to get in touch with my sister, who always helps reassure me. And then, I realized, I was helpless to the situation. My being there or being upset wasn’t going to fix anything. Half a world away, I needed to focus my energy on positivity, as best I could. I held my face to the sunshine, and tried to calm down. And then out of nowhere, a dog came along. He wasn’t a stray, like so many of them are. He plonked himself right on my feet, and didn’t move, didn’t do anything. Just sat there. I’ve always believed animals can tell when you’re hurting. But I’ve never experienced a moment like this before. He sat there for about forty minutes, until my breathing was normal, and I felt calm. And then off he ran, and I didn’t see him around the village again.

Travel isn’t easy, and there’s likely going to be so many times that test you and your strength. But you have to find coping strategies, to make it work for you. You are stronger than you think. You just have to remember that, and make sure you always put you first.

What did you guys think of this story? Let me know.



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