Pushing the Limits of Anxiety

Anxiety is not a just get over it kind of thing. Anxiety is a I have to take my time to get over it and I will be okay type. For as long as I can remember, I have had some form of anxiety. When I was little, even the slightest bit of change would set me off into panic mode and I would cry. Sometimes my mother would have to come get me and take me to my grandmothers for the day. My teachers would even start a sticker system for me. If I did good during the day, I would get a sticker and then I would get a prize once I filled up a sticker sheet. Once I got a little older, I learned how to start working on my anxiety on my own. To this day, some people see my anxiety and just simply think I can just get over it at the snap of a finger. Let me tell you, that is not the case and people should stop feeling and thinking that way. Over the course of this next week, I will share inspiring stories with you from people. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry and others will make you understand just truly what happens to people that struggle with anxiety. Pushing the limits of your anxiety is hard, some try hard to over come it while others just avoid everything that causes them anxiety. Both are okay, but if you are like me I love to defeat my fears and my daily life struggles. I want to be the best me that I can possibly be without overdoing it.

Below I will list my 5 ways that I have tried over time to overcome or push my anxiety. Some of which have failed and others have helped me in daily life and while I travel. I have also realized that everyone is different, as why I have found a few people to share their struggles with you so that you can find at least one person to relate to.

My 5 Ways to Overcome:
1.) Always having someone special around

Each time I travel, you will always see me traveling with someone. Whether it be my husband, my mom or a friend. I am always constantly with someone, well except for one time but I will talk about that more later on. This helps me to feel safe and have someone around that knows about my conditions. These people understand, but also know how to push me past my limits of anxiety. They help me to overcome it, deal with it, understand that it is just another life obstacle I can over come and so much more. Having those people around has been one of the best things I have learned for helping with my anxiety. Every time I travel, I know that they will be there to help me through it.

2.) Knowing my Limits
While I felt at first I knew my limits, I found out a few times that I did not. I once when in a place that I did not know my way around. Not knowing my way around, gives me anxiety for sure. I got lost in this place and ended up having a horrible anxiety attack. I was in public so even worse right? Plus people stare and laugh at you or just walk away and think wow that person is crazy. This eventually taught me how to find and know my limits. Before I go into a place I research or use my GPS. Goodness only knows where I would be in life without my trustee GPS. Knowing your limits can help you avoid panic or anxiety attacks like mine.

3.) Sitting Alone
While sitting alone for a short period of time while I was anxious was recommended to me, it proved not effective for me. Staying busy and being around one to a few people is when my anxiety typically will stay away. I do love to be alone, since I’m an introvert and re-energize off of being alone. When I’m feeling anxious and I’m alone, I typically have people I can call such as my mom or my husband. Since getting a dog, sitting alone is no more an issue because I am never alone even while I am at work. Sitting alone may work for some, but for me it causes more anxious feeling than what I had to begin with.

4.) Reading and/or Watching a Show
Reading or watching a show has proven to make me feel a lot better when feeling anxious. This gives me something else to think about when I need to take a moment to just breath and understand that everything is going to be okay. I cannot watch anything about murder or scary shows/books, as that can set me in anxious mode as well.

5.) Coloring and/or Journaling
Coloring and journaling is also a method that was recommended to me. I attempted to journal but ended up writing down my negative thoughts instead of positive thoughts. This was not effective for me as I just looked back on those journal entries and felt more anxious. Coloring has been proven to help me focus on something and not be anxious. I especially love to color things that take a long time because it allows me to take my time and use my creative side.

As you can see, everyone is different in the ways they manage or overcome their anxiety. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life learning to push the limits. To show you this, I have found a few other people to share their struggles. Some wish to remain anonymous others are people I know and some are fellow bloggers. I hope to find you someone to relate to or get inspiration from. Many of the stories pulled at my heart strings, some made me laugh and some made me cry.

Stay tuned for the rest of the stories!

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  1. I find that colouring is a great method for me aswell! Great post-thanks for sharing!

    1. Coloring is a wonderful method. Plus it gives you a chance to create something beautiful! You are welcome, thank you for reading. 😊

  2. Hey Ariel,


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    I look forward to reading your post. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you! Congrats again on getting it!

      1. Thank you so much Ariel 🙂
        No doubt you deserve this nomination, so congratulations you too 🙂
        Happy blogging!

        1. You are welcome! Thank you again. 🙂 Happy blogging to you as well.

  3. I read or watch show as well when i need to relax or just distract myself. I’ve found that comedies help a lot.

    1. I love comedy shows when I’m feeling anxious. Laughter is good for the soul. 🙂

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