Scenic, Serene South Carolina

If you have ever been to South Carolina, you know why it is amazing. If you have not been, I will show and tell you how it is amazing. South Carolina has so many different features to it that make it fantastic. For those of you who do not know about South Carolina, I will share a few fun facts about it. First, did you know that the first battle of the civil war took place there? It in fact did — it took place in Fort Sumter. Did you know that South Carolina was originally known as the iodine state? South Carolina is now known as the palmetto state. My final fun fact for you is that it is the 8th state to join the union. All of these fun facts I learned from talking to the locals when I first went to South Carolina in 2011. Still interested? Let me tell you more.

After I got back to Kansas from my trip to Florida, I started planning another vacation. This would eventually turn into a tradition to take a vacation every year the week of my birthday. My friend researched the idea of going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The beach pictures looked amazing and all the reviews made it seem fun! Another fun fact for you, did you know that there are two Myrtle Beaches in South Carolina? I did not, I also learned this from a local. They spent time in both places, as they are both different. North Myrtle Beach is more quiet while Myrtle Beach is busier. For this trip, my friend and I split the cost of the cabs and the hotel. I purchased my plane ticket on Expedia just as I had done for Florida. The ticket was only a little more expensive than my ticket to Florida. Within a few months, my friend and I were on our way to Myrtle Beach without our parents or anyone else. I did not sleep very much the night before because we sat up talking and daydreaming about what it would be like.

We both took the same flight, so we shared a cab to our destination which was the hotel. We checked in without any issues, went up to our room and then immediately went out to the beach. We walked the beach for about 10 minutes. I took a lot of pictures along our stroll on the beach. I started feeling like a seizure was about to happen and I immediately started going down. I face planted into the sand. My friend immediately started trying to help me. The EMT came and got me on the beach and took me to a nearby hospital. My friend knew nothing about my condition; she also did not know how to reach my parents. She called her dad who eventually got ahold of my mom. I woke up awhile later and thought I had only been in the hospital for 30 minutes, when I had been in the hospital for around 3 to 4 hours. I thought I had ruined the trip and I immediately wanted to go home. I called my mom and she reassured me I was going to be okay. She reassured me that I needed to continue on my trip or I would regret it later. I was finally released from the hospital, but took it easy the rest of the night. I was scared that it would happen again or that I had ruined the trip. I also realized that I had ruined my camera due to sand getting into the camera. I did not get very many photos from this trip. The next day was my birthday and we spent the following day on the beach and just relaxing.

The following day, we decided to get out and explore. We decided we wanted to go to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Aquarium. We found out where it was and started walking. Little did we know it was actually 5 miles from the hotel we were staying at. When we finally arrived at the aquarium, we walked around for a couple hours. By then, my feet were so tired I thought they might have fallen off. This is where I found my love for touching new sea life or getting to interact with them. I crossed a bucket list item off by getting the chance to touch a sting ray. If you have never touched one, I highly recommend taking the chance to touch or feed them. After we were done at the aquarium we spent time at Broadway on the Beach. I definitely recommend this place. There are tons of restaurants, shopping and attractions all combined into one big outdoor area. We spent a good chunk of the day at the aquarium and at Broadway on the Beach. We walked back to the hotel, by the time we got back to the hotel I realized that I had plenty of blisters on my feet. Note to self: Always bring walking shoes on vacation if you are planning on walking everywhere! We spent the rest of the evening and the rest of the vacation relaxing by the beach. We also spent some time in a hotel next door to ours in their pool area that had slides and a lazy river. That was so much fun! If you get a hotel in this area, I highly recommend going to a hotel with this kind of pool area. We did not rent a car for this vacation, which I will cover a little more later.

Overall, this is a fantastic place to go. Even though I had a little bump in my trip, it turned out to be a great vacation well spent with a good friend. This is the trip where I learned that I can do things on my own. I also learned that just because there is a bump in the road does not mean I should give up. I would have regretted giving up the chance to explore Myrtle Beach if I had just gone home after my stay in the hospital. I may have broken my camera, but that can always be replaced. The memories still remain and that is what I am truly thankful for. Life ends up showing you what you can handle and what you can’t, even if it is in the best or worst of ways. Never give up on following your dreams, even if life gets in the way. Take a trip to Myrtle Beach, you will enjoy every minute of it.

The pictures shown above are from a later trip I took wth my husband. I went back to face my fears and remember what I accomplished the first time I went. Stay tuned next time when I share my tips and tricks on renting a car while on vacation.



Photos Shown Above:
Hotel in North Myrtle Beach (2017)
Ocean in North Myrtle Beach (2017)
Ocean in North Myrtle Beach (2017)
Ocean in North Myrtle Beach (2017)
Husband and I at the Beach (2017)

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  1. A friend of mine used to rave about South Carolina – I can fully understand how serene it is!

    1. South Carolina is stunning and serene, I truly love it there. Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Though one of my cousin stays in Carolina, I haven’t yet visited him. Your pics may just be the trigger for a plan

    1. Thank you for your compliment and comment, I really appreciate it. I hope you do get to go visit him. Both of the Carolinas are truly beautiful!

  3. Your post is lovely! We missed South Carolina when we visited the States last year, I wish we had stopped in!

    1. Thank you very much, I appreciate that. Hopefully you will get to go sometime! It really is beautiful.

  4. I have been to Myrtle Beach and totally loved it. It is serene indeed ! Glad you overcame the bump and continued on the trip ! It was the right thing to do !

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it. Myrtle Beach is quite amazing! I didn’t know there were two parts to it until recently. I am glad I overcame it as well, I’m truly thankful for staying. So many great memories made.

  5. I just read about North Carolina, but South Carolina looks just as beautiful. The beach looks amazing. Touching a stingray is fun, I have done that too and it feels funny!

    1. They are both very similar but different in their own ways. The beach is definitely amazing. I’ve been three times now and would definitely go back time and time again. The sting rays do feel funny. Have you ever fed one? I seriously thought I was going to lose my hand the first time haha. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I really appreciate it!

  6. Looks like you had a great time! South Carolina is on my list, I really want to visit Charleston!

    1. I definitely did. Charleston is amazing! I hope you get to go sometime. I highly suggest rainbow row and foley beach. Thank you for your wonderful comment, I really appreciate it.

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