Falling in Love with Travel 

For some or many of you, you have probably traveled the world or at least seen some of the world or just your own backyard. Each and every experience level is good! For others of you, you probably do not know where to start, this is where I can come in and help! This blog will be for everyone, even just the dreamers. The main focus is to provide travel tips on traveling with little funds, medical conditions and psychological issues. I will share my journey of saving, earning points (how to cash those out), planning, resources and etc. As many of you do not know or do know, I have a medical condition called epilepsy (seizures). I have had this condition since 3rd grade, when I had my first. I also have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). I also have a psychological condition, anxiety. Let me first tell you that all of these conditions have always held me back from various things. As I grew older, I learned to push my limits and my boundaries of both of these conditions. I want to live life to the fullest and I do not want to allow either of these things to control me. I will start by sharing how I got started in this journey with you now.

When I was growing up my parents could never afford to take us on vacations, but we did stay-cations. We would go to the lake or do various activities in my hometown of Shawnee, Kansas. I always wondered what the world looked like beyond Kansas and Missouri. As a kid, I would watch planes fly over my house wondering where they were headed or who was on them. I always figured that every place looked like Kansas or Missouri, not just the farm land either. To answer the burning question everyone has always wondered, they both are not solely farm land states! I know, I know hard to believe. There really is much more to Kansas and Missouri than people know. A journey in which I will share with you at a later date.

Textbooks always proved me wrong in the sense of every place looking the same. I realize that there is much more to this world than just Kansas and Missouri. During my first year of college I decided to set a goal that I desperately wanted and still want to meet. My goal was: To go to all 50 states before I die. At the time I felt that I had all the time in the world. Over time, I have come to realize that time goes by much quicker than you think. That year, I made my first adventure and set my eyes on Florida. At this point in time I had a job so I easily paid 126 dollars for my round trip ticket to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. My grandparents were living there at the time, so I felt it would be a good idea for my first time. I decided to buy the plane ticket (which I will touch on later) and set off. After I told my parents what I was doing, my mother immediately bought a plane ticket to go with me. Even though we were sitting together and we were not traveling together on the second plane, I felt a sense of relief she was going with me.

My first plane ride, my first time seeing the ocean and my first time traveling on an airplane alone happened on my first vacation. I was so proud of myself, I am still proud of myself. I have now been to 32 states and 8 different cruise ship ports. I am still yearning for more! To this day, I always recall that vacation because it was full of many firsts. I’ve had several bumps, twists, turns and amazing experiences on my journey of traveling. I have now been traveling for 7 years and I cannot express enough how much it has truly changed my life. I have come so far and been so many interesting and exciting places. Not all journeys have just good times, some journeys have bad. I still have dreams, many dreams have been accomplished, within reach of being accomplished or still being dreamed of. For this, I have decided to share my journey with you all. I’m glad to have you one this ride with me. I will share photos, each and every photo that is posted I took myself. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Tune in next week to see my first trip!



Photos above:

Sunflowers from Neuse River Trail in Raleigh, North Carolina (2017).

Beach from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (2017).

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